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Adhesive Electrodes…

Okay, so it’s not cosmetically great and certainly not as slick or convenient as the original dry-sensor headband, but I thought this was a good way to try to eliminate any possible sensor contact issues as the cause of recorded awakenings.

Derek Haswell, Community Manager @ Zeo at Quora   Can you use the Zeo Sleep Manager iPhone app with the Zeo Bedside? Derek Haswell, Better sleep through knowledge Answered Feb 9, 2012 Unfortunately, it isn’t actually possible to use the Zeo Bedside headband with the mobile app. The Bedside transmits data using a wireless signal to transmit data to the alarm clock, while…

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Export Data Help Sheet

PDF: Export Data Help Sheet The Export Data feature allows you to download all of your sleep data, journal entries, bedside display settings and more into a spreadsheet readable format (CSV). This help sheet describes how you can interpret your exported sleep data in its CSV format.

How accurate is the sleep data from the Zeo?

Derek Haswell, Community Manager @ Zeo Answered Nov 11, 2010 Check out our validation studies here:… – these studies compared PSG (professional lab), Zeo, and Actigraphy. A quick summary would look something like… Two professional lab technicians agree with each other ~95% of the time on whether someone was asleep or awake and ~84% of…

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Project SleepSmart

In order to wake someone from an optimal phase of sleep so they feel more refreshed, the Axon Labs team needed to find a comfortable and easy way to read one’s sleep patterns.  The result was a multi-year endeavor of discovery, invention and optimization, code-named Project SleepSmart. When we started to test the technology with people,…

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The Discovery of Zeo

Knowing that Project SleepSmart had the potential to be much more, Axon Labs revisited everything.  Re-conceiving itself as Zeo Inc., the team collaborated with a premiere set of business and scientific advisors from top corporations, sleep science and academic research institutions.  The result is the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, the first of its kind educational…

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The Story of Axon Labs

Zeo  Inc., formerly known as Axon Labs, was started by a group of sleep-deprived students at Brown University.  Seeking a way to fight grogginess and perform at a higher level, the team learned that the stage of sleep from which one wakes impacts the way she feels in the morning.  Focused on developing a comfortable…

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Is Sleep Linked to Longevity?

published by Ryan@Zeo on Fri, 02/10/2012 – 15:26 User Question:  I know there are studies trying to figure out why some genes seem to hold long healthy lives despite environmental or cultural negative factors. Has sleep been a part of this or any longevity studies?