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Headband Substitute

The headband is missing, but I devised a substitute to effectively use the sensor attached to the original headband design. See the sensor photos to get the idea how the workaround was accomplished. – Used TENS cables Tieline adapters 3.5mm snap button to 2 mm pin to make connection to sensor connectors. – Used Tens…

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Glycemia during sleep stages.

Glycemia during sleep stages. The percentage of time spent in the various glycemic ranges (hypoglycemia, low, euglycemia, high, hyperglycemia) was calculated for each sleep stage (REM, light, deep). Analysis was performed on 39 subject-nights with ≥4 h of WSM data and corresponding CGM data, with sleep start and end times determined by WSM. *Significantly less…

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Zeo Raw Data Library v2.0 The Zeo Raw Data Library is a huge step in giving Zeo users a new level of control over their data. The library consists of two parts:


Sleep alternates between two phases: orthodox sleep and REM sleep. These phases can be distinguished from one another in EEG (electroencepha- lography). The majority of sleep is orthodox sleep (deep sleep, quiet sleep, slow-wave sleep) that can be further divided into three NREM (non-rapid eye movement) stages: N1, N2 and N3. These are in contrast…

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