New Zeo 2018 Headband Developed

The problem of needing to replace the original Zeo headbands has been overcome with the development of a new flexible reinforced plastic printed circuit board (FPC) with gold plated sensors. a company in New Zealand has developed a new more comfortable headband for the Zeo mobile and is working on the Zeo bedside clock unit. Lifespan Trust is also looking for support to bring back the Zeo mobile sleep monitors or similar.

Zeo Sleep Mobile 2018 Headband Brand New Design with new Sensor Connectors

This is a brand new device (Patent Application number:734500) with huge advantages over the original Zeo Headband.

This is for the Zeo Mobile device, we are working on the Zeo bedside clock unit, probably 2 or 3 months away. I need some help with getting Zeo App back on OS Apple.

Gold coated copper electrodes through a flexible reinforced plastic printed circuit board (FPC). FPCs are a pattern of conductive traces bonded on a flexible substrate.

They do not wear out and give excellent conductivity and comfort.

That’s right they do not need replacing every 3 to 6 months!!

A flexible circuit board (FPC) with electroencephalogram (EEG) dry electrode sensors and connections to Bluetooth device

Good sleep makes us feel better, boosting mood, lowering depression, benefiting heart, stronger immunity, weight control, memory, learn better, more focus, lower stress, live longer, decrease inflammation, increase creativity, improve performance in all areas of your personal life.

With good sleep just become a nicer better person!

Deep sleep is possibly the most important part of your sleep, this is where it has been recently found where the body not only repairs itself, stores our interatctions from the day to long term memory, restores the energy for the day ahead but clears out waste products from the brain, enabling better use of nutrients in the brain.

Why is it so important to measure your sleep with an Electroencephalography (EEG) device? Because it is a non invasive way to measure brain activity. There are lots of devices around like watches etc that are movement related and are hopeless at measuring our deep sleep.

The Zeo sleep monitor is still one of the best devices for measuring sleep.

So dust off your Zeo mobile get the new more comfortable Zeo 2018 headband from us and start improving your sleep.

Please check the spacing of the connector snaps (domes) on your Zeo pod (the device that connects to the headband)

36mm (1 3/8”) wide x 15mm (5/8”) Down

The device has 3 dry integrated sensor electrodes using differential amplification principles (Active, GND, REF) for detecting electroencephalogram brain frequencies which connect to the Zeo Bluetooth pod.

These electrodes can be easily cleaned, do not need a wetting agent nor do they lose their conductivity or need replacing.

This device meets CE, FCC, ROHS standards for safe human use.

The headband is made of elastic, fully adjustable, and has been developed after extensive trials giving amazing comfort.

You get a free sleep analysis and associated help

“Why sleep is “The Second Most Important Thing in our Lives”

This product is from New Zealand and takes 8 to 10 days for First Class International Airmail delivery

Feedback from customers:

Your band is a huge improvement over what Zeo provided….Bruce LA

The design looks really nice and it fits much more comfortable than the original Zeo headband …Greg NY

So good to get my Zeo going again …it is still the best sleep monitor ….William NY

Your headband is clearly picking up deep sleep better. …Michael USA

Your headband and dry sensor technology is ahead of what they have …Ben FL

Pod not included

Buy now and start tracking your sleep with Zeo Mobile

Buy it here:

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