Adhesive Electrodes…

Okay, so it’s not cosmetically great and certainly not as slick or convenient as the original dry-sensor headband, but I thought this was a good way to try to eliminate any possible sensor contact issues as the cause of recorded awakenings.

I’ve done a quick test and Zeoman flashes up quickly on the bedside unit and the live data detects me as being awake, so tonight will be the first whole night. I’ll post the results up when I have a few nights of data.

As far as comfort is concerned, there isn’t really a problem with the electrodes as long as you don’t get them stuck to your eyebrows!

If the results are any good I’ll try to get some smaller electrodes and have another go.


Awesome. 🙂

We’ve done this with internal prototypes as well (of which I am a regular user) and have had some really good early success. We’re not to the point where we’re mass producing anything yet, but are in the process of gauging interest. Glad to see Zeo users beating us to the punch!


I’d be really interested to see the new electrode as I also had some good results with my experiment.

The adhesive electrodes gave a consistently lower impedance, so I assume that it could be used to eliminate a few of the issues with people fitting the headbands too loosely / movement / oils etc.

If the three electrodes were incorporated into one strip that connected to the Zeo transmitter, that would be great.

It’s hard to decide if the number of awakenings was reduced by using the adhesive electrodes as the number of nights that I tested them for was so small and every night of sleep is different. I may try again with a good sample period of a couple of weeks.

Comfort-wise, I quickly got used to the adhesive electrodes and going back to the headband felt a little strange – but I guess it’s what you get used to.


Some summary data from my short experiment: the first four nights are with the headband, and the second four nights with the EEG electrodes.



I think that consistency between nights is the key to charting sleep data, and the adhesive electrodes seem to help in that respect.


If you did go into mass production of the adhesive electrodes, then I’d definitely be interested in purchasing a supply.


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Good stuff! In line with what we’re seeing on our end.

The prototypes we are using are still rough – if/when we move to production, we will need to solve for the docking issue (thanks for reiterating that one for us).

I will keep you posted!



Hypnagogic, could you post the link to adhesive electrodes?


These are the ones that I used…..2685439617


I think you could get away with smaller ones, so my next step was going to be to find some paediatric ecg electrodes


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