Project SleepSmart

In order to wake someone from an optimal phase of sleep so they feel more refreshed, the Axon Labs team needed to find a comfortable and easy way to read one’s sleep patterns.  The result was a multi-year endeavor of discovery, invention and optimization, code-named Project SleepSmart.

When we started to test the technology with people, we learned something that would change the course of the company forever.  People told us that they loved the way SleepSmart woke them up, but they were also especially intrigued by the sleep information the technology provided.  They wanted to understand more about their sleep, compare their information to other people’s, and understand how they could change the way they slept.

It was then that Axon Labs discovered a significant unmet need.  We instantly knew that we had a real opportunity to help more people, and the technology and team to implement it.  From this, we created a new, more enlightened vision for the company.

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