More deep sleep with alcohol? (fluke?)

I have been using zeo for a few weeks now, and gradually increasing my total sleep, but one area I would like to improve is deep sleep (I have read the article where it says “rule 1 is don’t talk about deep sleep…”

That being said I understand that – avoiding caffeine esp late in the day, avoiding alcohol at least 3 hrs before bed, and gettin exercise should all increase deep sleep.

What’s weird is I have had no alcohol for the past few weeks, averaging about 1 hr of deep sleep in 7.5 hrs of sleep. Last night with 2 glasses of wine (pretty much right before bed) I only got 6.5 hrs of sleep but 1.5 were deep, higher overall but a much higher percentage.

I would rather get more sleep overall… and I don’t plan on drinking before bed in general…but just curious about why this occured. Could it be that I wasn’t really in “deep sleep” (restorative) but was in some sort of alcohol induced non-restorative sleep?


I actually posted my thoughts on it a few months ago on my personal blog, and the trend has remained consistent even with more data.

I’m inclined to think the same as you – that it’s some kind of alcohol-induced brainwave deadening. I’ve had an ongoing issue since I moved to a new apartment where Zeo over reports my deep sleep in general, and in particular, my “relaxed wake state” is recorded as deep quite frequently. For example, I’ll often be in “deep sleep” when I hit the snooze button, or at the start of the night when I’m drifting off and waking up periodically (Zeo will show segments of deep sleep interrupted by wake). Have you noticed these sorts of things as well? I’m guessing the two are related…

I haven’t noticed any snooze button / wake time deep sleep, although now I wonder if I see a stray 5 min of deep sleep in the early AM inbetween wake .. if that’s what it was. My normal pattern is about an hour of deep total – most of it in the 1st sleep phase but a second shorter patch in a second phase (2-3am). I get quite a bit of REM (my deep is about average for my age, REM higher than average).

I have only been using the zeo about 2 months but I see  a slight downward trend in my % of deep sleep. Interestingly the only changes i have made are to improve my sleep hygiene. I do the power down hour, have cut out coffee, etc. I am sleeping longer but getting less total deep sleep.


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