Zeo 1.9.2.ipa iOS app download 2018

If you find this helpfull – please leave a comment, I’m just curious to know about those who still use Zeo in 2018

This is the only Zeo .ipa file ever existed on internet after company shutdown!

Ok, so this is my .ipa ios file with Zeo app for iPhone and iPad, works up to iOS 9.3.5

This .ipa is linked to my apple ID account, so you need to know how to unlink it (i dont know how to do this)

It still works on my 1st gen Retina iPad with iOS 9.3.5

For .ipa files installation you will need install iMazing app for OSX

Zeo 1.9.2.ipa

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Headband Substitute

The headband is missing, but I devised a substitute to effectively use the sensor attached to the original headband design. See the sensor photos to get the idea how the workaround was accomplished.

– Used TENS cables Tieline adapters 3.5mm snap button to 2 mm pin to make connection to sensor connectors.
– Used Tens Pad Replacement “Pigtail” Electrode Pads to connect to TENS cables Tieline adapters.

– Place Electrode Pads (pigtails facing upwards) horizontal across forehead.
– I wore a sweatband (anything will do) over the forehead to cover the Electrode Pads.
– Connect sensor cable pins to electrode pad cable pins.


Glycemia during sleep stages.

Glycemia during sleep stages. The percentage of time spent in the various glycemic ranges (hypoglycemia, low, euglycemia, high, hyperglycemia) was calculated for each sleep stage (REM, light, deep). Analysis was performed on 39 subject-nights with ≥4 h of WSM data and corresponding CGM data, with sleep start and end times determined by WSM. *Significantly less time is spent in hypoglycemia (<50 mg/dl) during deep sleep compared with light sleep (p = .02, Wilcoxon rank-sum test).

Гликемия во время сна. Процент времени, проведенного в различных гликемических диапазонах (гипогликемия, низкая, эугликемия, высокая, гипергликемия), был рассчитан для каждой стадии сна (REM, LIGHT, DEEP). Анализ проводился по 39 пациентам с ≥4 ч данных WSM (Wireless Sleep Monitor) (потребительный монитор сна Zeo, прим.перев.) и соответствующими данными CGM (непрерывный монитор глюкозы), время начала и окончания сна определялось WSM. * Значительно меньше времени в глубоком сне проведено при гипогликемии (<50 мг / дл) в сравнении с легким сном (p = 0,02, критерий рандомизации Уилкоксона).




Sleep alternates between two phases: orthodox sleep and REM sleep. These phases can be distinguished from one another in EEG (electroencepha- lography). The majority of sleep is orthodox sleep (deep sleep, quiet sleep, slow-wave sleep) that can be further divided into three NREM (non-rapid eye movement) stages: N1, N2 and N3. These are in contrast to REM sleep, or R sleep (paradoxical sleep, rapid eye movement sleep).  Continue reading →